Reiki I

This is the basic course in Reiki and includes one energy-activating attunement along with complete training in the scientific use of the Reiki technique. The student is taught how to pass on the universal energy without depleting his/her own energy supplies. First degree training usually takes one day. Specific instructions are given to the student as to how to apply Reiki energy to themselves, as well as to others who may wish to use it for treating a specific disease or as a preventive or transformative technique. All students receive a manual as well as a certificate upon completion of the class.

Reiki II

During second degree training, the student receives another attumnement and learns specific techniques for enhancing the flow of energy and for performing “distance” treatments. They are also taught a special method for dealing with deep-seated emotional and mental problems, which can be used with either a physical or distance treatment. Prerequisite: Reiki I. This training usually takes 1/2 day.

Advanced Reiki Training:

You will learn one additional symbol, work with crystals, learn some additional healing techniques, as well as a very deep; meditation. This training takes 1/2 day.

Reiki Master

The Reiki Master class includes learning two additional symbols. and learnng to give the special attunements which enable the Reiki teacher to activate the energy in others. Prerequisite: Reiki I, II, and Advanced Reiki Training. This training takes one day.

Karuna Reiki® Master

The class includes Karuna Practitioner I (with 4 symbols), Karuna Practitioner II (with 4 symbols), and Karuna Master (with 3 symbols), and two attunements. Prerequisite: Reiki Master for a minimum of 6 months. This training is a three-day intensive class.

Class sizes are very small (1-3 people), and are scheduled upon request. Larger size classes can be scheduled as well. Please contact me for sponsorship information.


Reiki I:  $150

Reiki II:  $200

Advanced Reiki Training:  $250

Reiki Master:  $500

Karuna Reiki Master:  $850

Rev. . Betty Solbjor, ReikI Master, Karuna Reiki™ Master, BFRP

Reiki for People and Pets

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