A Reiki treatment is conducted through a series of carefully orchestrated touch patterns. The client lies down on a standard massage table (fully clothed) and, beginning at the head, the hands are placed in different positions as the practitioner works down toward the feet. The client then turns over and the process is repeated. The hands are held in each position (which closely align with the chakras) for three to five minutes. A full treatment takes about an hour. The amount of energy transferred depends on the client's needs and willingness to use it. The touch is very gentle with little or no pressure applied. This is not a massage technique, but more of a "laying on of hands." Reiki is not related to any specific religious beliefs or dogma, but is purely a channeling of the energy of the universe. It is up to the person being treated whether or not they accept the energy being given, as free will is always involved in the healing process.

Sessions by appointment only.


•   for people: $80 for a one-hour session at my office; additional mileage charge for sessions which require me to travel

•   for pets:  $40 for 30-minute session; cats and dogs at your home only; additional mileage charge when I visit your home

Rev. . Betty Solbjor, Usui Holy Fire® III ReikI Master,

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki™ Master; BFRP

Reiki for People and Pets

Waltham, MA 02453